Wedding Entertainment

You're wedding is one of the best and most stressful days, at OMG-Gaming we aim to help take the pressure off by creating one of the most unique experiences. Full VR Setups, Gaming PCs and racing cockpits. Let us help you create a truly memorable day!

Bored of the same wedding format and looking to add something UNIQUE to your special day? Do you to want provide exciting entertainment for your guests (other than the awesome band/DJ you've paid £££'s for)? Or do you want to keep the younger family members entertained and out of mischeif (we've all caused havok at weddings as kids, admit it!)?

For an EXCITING feature to add to your wedding entertainment, why not add an OMG GAMING HUB! Professionally managed and guaranteed to be POPULAR with all ages, we can add a some serious fun to your wedding day!


Gaming Weddings


If you are interested in booking our OMG GAMING HUB for your wedding, please get in touch

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