Here at OMG-GAMING we wanted to make each PARTY the most FUN and EXCITING as possible, so we created OMG-GAMING ZONES. Each zone has been well thought-out and jam packed with the latest technology and games. So please check out the below for details of all the EXCITEMENT each zone contains!



This is truly the "pièce de résistance", the jewel in our Gaming crown, the show stopper!! Why not give your child an unforgettable Birthday with some seriously amazing technology. Virtual Reality is new to the gaming market, and we have secured one of the most immersive systems in the world - the HTC VIVE. Strap in for some serious fun!


This Zone Contains:

HTC VIVE VR headset

HTC VIVE VR controllers


HTC VIVE VR motion sensors



Since our roots are all about PC gaming, we wouldn't be true to ourselves if we didnt champion PC Gaming! This zone is all about the FASTEST hardware, the BEST quality graphics, the most ACCURATE controls and the MOST FUN!

This Zone Includes:

4 x High End OMG - EX200 Gaming PC

4 x Gaming Headphones

4 x Gaming Mouse + Keyboard

4 x GT Omega Gaming Chairs



This is where we turn the fun levels UP! Here your children can play all the latest games, all whilst having fun with their friends, exploring new worlds or breaking each others records!


This Zone includes:

PS4 Pro + Controllers

XBOX ONE + Controllers

2 x 4K TVs



This one is for the PARENTS aswell as the CHILDREN! Fancy yourself as the next Lewis Hamilton? Or maybe you just want race the latest Super car you saw on TOP GEAR? Well, it doesnt matter because you can prove just how good you are by jumping into one of our racing cockpits and buring some digital rubber!


This Zone Incldues: 

2 x Pro Racing Simulator Cockpit

2 x HDTVs

2 x Pro Racing Steering Wheel, Pedals and Gear Stick.



Need a short break from the excitement? Want to fuel up with some food and drinks, well stop off in this zone for a place to sit, relax and recharge....not for too long though, there is tonnes of fun to be had yet!


This Zone Includes:

Bean bags

Drinks and Snacks

Gaming Magazines





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